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Once Spring hit, it was iced coffee time. I've been using a plastic Starbucks tumbler for lack of a better option (though I did switch out the straw for a stainless one), because stainless steel tumblers cold tumblers are impossible to find. Starbucks actually came out with one this year, but I haven't seen it in my local stores, only the plastic varieties, and also there have been some bad reviews for it, with liquid getting stuck in the plastic lid.


I was doing my regular check of Amazon, and this came up. When I purchased it, it said 16 in stock, and by the time I mentioned it to my coworker the next day, she ordered the only one left (though there's a second listing here, with different pictures and doesn't include a stainless steel straw). Unfortunately, since it's a random 3rd party Amazon seller, I have no idea who produces it. It has no markings on it save for a "Made in China" sticker which is always questionable, but I figured I'd give it a try nonetheless.

That said, I have yet to use it. So we'll see how it holds up. The welds on the inside of the cup don't look as finished as Klean Kanteen products, and even though the Amazon listing says that it's dishwasher safe, I wouldn't personally put anything that's double-walled in the dishwasher.

I also think I'm going to write to Klean Kanteen and ask what the hold-up is in putting out a cold cup; with the market for reusables lately, it's really strange that they haven't come up with one yet, so there must be some sort of manufacturing reason that there isn't one. Of course that also makes me wonder how this no-name variety was produced (is the grade of steel questionable? We'll see.)


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