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Jun. 29th, 2012 11:05 pm
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I've been short on time this week, but Wasteless Wednesday happened with two infractions:

- 1 Toms of Maine toothpaste tube (which I'd held onto all week, thinking that you could send them back to the company -- but apparently that only applies to their #5 deodorant tubes.)
- 1 tea bag wrapper (TWININGS! *fistshake*)

One could also consider a vinyl shower curtain wasted, but technically it hasn't been thrown out. We've actually always just thrown then in the washing machine in my house, and re-used them until the loops get torn. But this time I actually replaced it with a polyester one (of unknown origin!) that was lurking in the linen closet (there's a lot of hodge-podge housewares in my house.) If it doesn't get reused in the shower, it'll be put with the drop clothes and other maintenance stuff in the garage. Since it's been reused quite a bit, it doesn't seem to be off-gassing much anymore, which is somewhat comforting but not really.

I'm also getting closer to sorting out my lemon ginger tea addiction problem. Unfortunately my local tea store seems to only carry black teas and very few herbal teas, but it looks like a few places online have it. I guess I'll start ordering for a taste test?


Jun. 20th, 2012 12:14 pm
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I held off signing up for a long time because a Facebook or Twitter account was required to do so (though I have both, it's the principle of the thing), but I've finally given in. Half because it was kind of annoying that it's hard to even browse the site without having a login, and the other half because I realized there's more than just crafts and recipes on there.

In other news, it's Wasteless Wednesday! There will be no granola bars or yogurt cups in today's lunch, though I have used a paper coffee filter, I'm not counting anything that can be composted. I might end up throwing away a tea bag wrapper though, since I don't have any decaf loose tea and I'm on evening shift today. Also it was bad timing to finish off the almond milk container, which goes into paper recycling, the bottlecap into #5 recycling, the plastic spout into the trash.


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