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I'm not at home this weekend, where there is a treadmill in the air-conditioned basement, so I went walking/jogging (shock and awe) outside yesterday. Which, considering it's really the first time I've done so, was not the smartest thing to do on the second-hottest day of the year in the midst of a heat wave (it was probably between 90-95*F out, at 6 in the afternoon), but I digress. Despite being fairly certain I was about to collapse, I picked up a 24oz takeaway cup, lid, and straw that was laying on the ground and walked back half a block to toss it in a bin. So, uh, reminder: do that in the future.

In a related story, it is still ridiculously hot. I think it went up to 102* today? Don't know what the humidity was, but we're near water, so I'm pretty sure it was insane.
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Found some beautiful (and sad, of course) photos of the Western U.S. wildfires on Twitter yesterday via the Twitter account. Though I don't live in an area with very many natural disasters (we might get a hurricane or a blizzard every few years, but that's about it), it's a reminder -- what would you grab if you had to evacuate quickly? I for one, am highly aware that I have way too much crap in order to make a quick decision. Heck, the only thing I protected when Hurricane Irene came through last year was my backup hard drive (we didn't need to evacuate, but there was a very real danger of trees falling onto the house and making a huge mess.)

It's also a reminder that minimalism and being green do go together. If you have less stuff, you're more aware of what you have and can make more use of what you have, instead of getting more stuff.

Although maybe I'll think about making a bug-out bag, just in case of zombies.


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