geekinthegreen: Screenshot from "TimeScapes" (desert)
Geek in the Green ([personal profile] geekinthegreen) wrote2012-06-17 01:53 pm
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In the woods

Yesterday I went with a few friends to a state park we frequent. Having spent part of my professional career (as a shovel monkey) tromping through woods that aren't really hiking-friendly with a ton of heavy gear (and occasionally breaking for lunch too close to nests of ground bees), marked trails and picnic tables amuse me.

Unfortunately I hadn't been up there in a while, and not since reading too many books on the subject and becoming hyper-aware of the garbage and plastic problem. Which you get a lot of in a busy hiking area on a nice day in June.

Note to self: Bring garbage bags next time to pick stuff up with. Or at least take pictures of the Coors can that was at the bottom of this particular waterfall.

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